Opt out of personalised advertising

Delivering you a personalised experience

Providing a relevant experience on realestate.com.au involves us collecting and using information about what you engage with, such as images, articles, calculators and advertising. Advertising will be shown to you on the realestate.com.au website and app based on what we believe will be of greater interest to you.

Opting out of personalised display ads on this browser

To opt out of personalised display ads on realestate.com.au while using this browser, untick the box below and please refer to the instructions on each of our service providers' webpages: https://id5-sync.com/privacy and https://liveramp.com.au/privacy/web-privacy-policy/.

Opting out of personalised display ads on multiple devices

You can opt out of personalised display ads on realestate.com.au across all of your devices. To do this, you need to log in to your account via our app or website as follows:

To opt out:

  • Via the app, go to the ‘Me’ tab on the bottom navigation bar, tap on the settings cog and tap on ‘Privacy & terms’.
  • Via the website, click on the profile settings icon in the top right hand corner, click on Account Settings and untick Personalised Advertising.

When you opt out in this way, your opt out will apply whenever you are using the realestate.com.au site or app while logged in.

If you log out on any of your devices, we will not be able to apply your opt out preferences until you: (a) log back in, or (b) opt out on your browser (see above).

If you opt out via the methods above:

  • you will still see ads on realestate.com.au however, we will not individually tailor the ads you see, based on your online behaviour;
  • third parties may still retarget you on realestate.com.au via programmatic ad networks (eg. you may see an ad for a pair of shoes that you viewed on a third party website); and
  • you may still receive realestate.com.au ads on third party websites or social media platforms, where you have not opted out on those websites (eg. you may see an ad on Facebook for a property you viewed on realestate.com.au).

Opting out of personalised email communications

If you have an account, you may receive email communications that are personalised based on your property searches.

To opt out of personalised email communications, you can update your email subscription preferences. To do so, you need to log in to your account via our website. You must then untick the relevant email categories to opt out via your Account Settings.

Alternatively, you can unsubscribe via the unsubscribe link in a relevant email communication.